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Reviewer: runagainstawallwithdarrencriss Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 14, 2014 01:15 pm Title: Chapter 18 - This Could Mean Danger

omg the first sentence literally killed me, like omg hris I love yuou xD

and then darren with his enthusiasm and the thing that poke him into the small of his back....poor innocent darren....I literally sat here like:

and then you made StarKid appear *-*(kind of)... that was amazing since I'm in love with them! (a little place in my mind even kinda ships Crisspez...)

I never heard We Don't Wanna be Sued so that was just an extra to make me enjoy this chapter just like all the others (although this really was short :c)

can't wait for more :3

the gif from the last review was from The Legend Of Aang, what is just totally awesome :3

Author's Response:

Yeah, poor, innocent, oblivious Darren.  I guess Chris is going to literally have to smack him in the face with something to get him to notice what's going on.  (Uh oh, I'd better get that image out of my head or it might accidentally find its way into an upcoming chapter.)  ;D

Yay for Starkid.  And super-yay for "We Don't Wanna Be Sued."  Which makes me realize that I should have had Darren use his "super-whee" line in that last chapter.  Oh well...  Just imagine he said it, okay?

I hope to have another chapter ready to post this weekend.  :D

P.S. Thanks for the face-palming gif.  :)

Reviewer: SharinaNoLastName Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 13, 2014 04:41 am Title: Chapter 18 - This Could Mean Danger

Oh no, he thought it was the break D: Damn Darren, wy you so stupid? D:

D'aaaaaaaaawh, I should've known, you'd do something like this ;)

Even though it was short, I loved it so much! Starkid can never go wrong *_______*

Author's Response:

Well, I have you to thank for the brake-lever line (which was my favorite line in the whole chapter) 'cause you had to go and ask me that question in your review of the last chapter.  And it got me thinking - well, what would he have felt?  And what would he think?  And how can I keep them in the dark about each other's feelings just a little bit longer?  So thank you for the inspiration.  Again.  ;D

And yay for Starkid!  <3 

Reviewer: crisssquared Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 13, 2014 03:07 am Title: Chapter 18 - This Could Mean Danger

I'm going to review this pretty much line by line. Cos I have to, ok?

I read the title and immediately had the song stuck in my head. Not a bad thing.

I read the first line and thought, between laughs, "Well, there's no way anyone can top an intro like that, so I might as well just stop here"

But I carried on reading cos I know if anyone can top that intro, it would be you. 

And now I'm laughing because Darren thinks it was totally awesome to nearly die. And he wants to do it again.

And now I'm PHYSICALLY DYING because Darren thought Chris dropped the FRIKKIN HANDLE between them.  I can't stop laughing and I'm crying. I've barely started and I'm dead already.

And now hes hopping on one leg and skipping.

AND NOW YOU'RE REFERENCING AVPM. SERIOUSLY. I think I'm going to cry. "We don't wanna be sued" is one of the greatest songs ever written.  He so damn  curly. And Nick and Brian singing Back to hogwarts in the backgrond...anyway...I digress...where was I...

Right. I have to see Chris and Darren singing back to hogwarts together. Chris has seen the show. This is a fact. He probably knows the lyrics better than Darren (most people do...). I NEED this. Seriously. I will sell Ginnys glass slippers on EBAY to make this happen. 

AND I don't care how short this chapter is. Not even a little bit. You had me sucked in at the title, and I LOVED it :)

Author's Response:

Yay - I made you laugh!  I love it that you get my sense of humor, and all of my references.  I feel like my writing has a very specific target audience, and I'm so glad you're part of it.  :D

I cracked myself up writing the line about the brake lever.  I just love Oblivious-Darren.  

And I completely agree with you about "We Don't Wanna Be Sued."  I'm always shocked by how few people (comparatively) have seen it, 'cause it's genius.  I'm keeping it in my back pocket, just in case Little, Brown, and Company ever come after me about this story.  ;)

Hang on to Ginny's slippers, 'cause I have a plan.  We've gotta start a campaign to get Ryan Murphy to do an AVPM episode of Glee.  Wouldn't that be totally awesome?!!!  :D

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