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Reviewer: SharinaNoLastName Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 20, 2014 03:40 am Title: Chapter 20 - Once Upon a Time

D'aaaawh, as soon as I saw the description, I knew the song was gonna be in it! My favorite, aaaaawh!

And it fitted so well! Omg, I didn't even realize! *-* 

I hope there won't be that many chapters that will be bumpy! D: even though I wouldn't mind, but shhht.. 


Author's Response:

Oh, that song was like a gift.  The first time I heard it, I thought it had to be related to Chris's work.  In fact, just about everything Darren did on his Listen Up tour seemed so easy to read in a CrissColfery way, if one were so inclined.  ;)  I'd planned on using all of those songs in my Struck by Chris Colfer: The Darren Criss Journal story, but I ended up deleting it before I got to that part.  So I'm glad I was able to fit this one in here.  And there may be another Darren original coming along later...  ;D

BTW, you know what else is a gift?  Reviews from you!  :D

Reviewer: crisssquared Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 20, 2014 03:01 am Title: Chapter 20 - Once Upon a Time

Ok eep. Let me just start by saying that since the first ever chapter I read of this, all those many many years ago, I thought "This should have 'once upon a time' as its soundtrack."  So, I get home from work, see a new chapter and guess what it's called? I actually said eep out loud.  It's one of, if not my favourite, new songs, and everytime I hear "too far down and much to high to climb" I always think of the pit in TLOS that swallows stuff...the name of said pit escapes me but I'm hoping you know what I mean! I was so excited that I am writing this bit of my review before reading the chapter at all.  So now I will go on and enjoy the ride....;)


Oh jesus. I have actually freaked myself the fuck out.  The first friggin line. THORNBUSH PIT. THORNBUSH FRIKKIN PIT.  HE WROTE THIS SONG FOR THIS STORY.  MY MIND IS BLOWN.

I knew that we had the same sense of humour, but seriously.  I am so freaked out right now that your mind went the same way as mine that I need to go and lie down.  And re-read this AWESOME chapter, which, obviosuly, is my new favourite!!! :) :) 



Author's Response:

Yay for great minds thinking alike, and for great songs just falling into my lap, begging to be used in this story.  :D  The link in my end notes is to his kick-off performance at the Fillmore (which I tried in vain to get tickets to :c ) and I've left you a link to another version in a response to one of your lovely AAWK reviews.  I'm sure you've seen them, but I'm always happy to re-watch.  :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.  It was not one of my favorites to write.  I have more fun with light, fluffy, and humorous, rather than angst-laden.  But I know what's going to be happening a few chapters down the road, and I have to set it up.  

In fact, I was actually thinking that I might skip ahead a couple of chapters in my writing, just to make sure I'm laying all the groundwork I need.  That's one of the challenges inherent in posting each chapter as soon as it's finished - I've got to be careful not to write myself into a corner, or leave out something I'll want to go back and refer to later.  But I'm so insanely hooked on reviews that I seem to be incapable of delaying my gratification by waiting to update.  If I wrote something out of order, though, I'd HAVE to wait, which might be good for me.  Ahhh... we'll see.  ;D 

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