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Reviewer: SharinaNoLastName Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 30, 2014 09:55 am Title: Chapter 23 - Heart of Stone

Santana Will's daughter............ That's a thought I will never get used to O.o

Sue is amazing! "Are you trying to make me horny with rage??" Hahahahahha WUAT? Hahahah, I didn't expect any different from you! 

And Since Will is the huntsman, he can't be the Fairy Godfather.. And from your comment on my last review, I don't think it's Burt either.. I wanna knooooow!! FIGGINS??

For the thing that Sue has in mind, I have no clue!
All I can think is sexual things, but that's just my mind thinking the usual ;3

Author's Response:

Well, you know, Will must have found Santana as a baby in a basket in the woods when he was out doing Huntsmanly things.  'Cause there's certainly no family resemblance.  ;) 

Glad you enjoyed Sue.  And I'm pleased to say that you picked out one of her lines that I actually wrote myself, rather than stealing it from Glee, like I did so many of the others...  ;D

Oh, everyone seems to be so curious about the identity of the Fairy Godfather.  The only other clue I'm going to give you is that when he finally shows up, I'm going to put a video link in my End Notes that I'm sure you've already seen.  But if that clue helps you figure it out, just know that I will neither confirm nor deny any guesses you may have made in the past or may make in the future...  ;D  (Cryptic much?  Yep!)

LOL over your lovely dirty mind.  I have to admit that when I started writing this chapter, I briefly considered going in a BDSM direction with Sue - and went so far as to google "medieval torture chambers" - but I squicked myself out and had to scrap that idea.  But what she's planning for the next chapter is something I've had in mind since I first started writing this story, so a lot of what's happened so far has specifically been to set the scene for what's coming up...  ;D

Reviewer: crisssquared Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 29, 2014 10:27 pm Title: Chapter 23 - Heart of Stone

Gah! You write Sue as the Evil Queen SO DAMN WELL!!  "I want you all to sniff your own butts" .  Cos can you imagine a wolf sniffing it's armpits?! That would just be wierd... :D

I love Will as her minion huntsman-never pegged that at all!! But so well played! And will giggly Mr Woodlee actually be making an appearance at all? Because, you know, THIS.

I still can't wait to see the fairy godfather...*chants* FIGGINS FIGGINS FIGGINS! :D

Author's Response:

Glad you enjoyed Evil Queen Sue.  Although, as you noticed, I stole (modified) most of her best lines from Glee.  ;D

As for Will, I have to admit that I've never liked him much, so it was fun to make him kowtow to Sue.  ;)

And, oh, how I love Zach!  Isn't he just cute as a little button?  I really enjoyed him on both seasons of The Glee Project.  Unfortunately, I don't think he'll be making an appearance here, since he's not actually a character on Glee or in Chris's book...  But to soothe your disappointment on that front, have you seen this video of all of his Happy Hands reactions?  :D

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