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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which there's nothing you can sing that can't be sung...


Chris smiled to himself as he watched Kurt and Blaine gallop away on Rum Chocolate Soufflé.  He’d always been a sucker for fairytale endings.


Which got him thinking…  Could Kurt be right?  Had Sue been lying?  Was it possible that Darren really did have feelings for him, after all?


The faint strains of guitar music came wafting through the forest.  Chris turned to see Darren approaching.  He’d apparently disobeyed the royal physician, gotten out of bed, borrowed a guitar from King Sam, and now here he was, playing an original song that Chris recognized from his EP.


Say, wasn't that a funny day?

Gee you had a funny way, a way about you

A kind of glow of something new


Darren strode right up to Chris as he sang.


Sure, I'll admit that I'm the same

Another sucker for a game kids like to play

And the rules we like to use


Giving Chris a speculative look, he began the chorus.


Don't you want the way I feel?

Don't you want the way I feel?

Don't you want the way I feel for you?


Chris swallowed hard, hoping against hope that this meant what he longed for it to mean.


The sun, telling me the night is done

Well I refuse to let it stop our fun

Close your eyes, we'll make it dark again


Chris watched, transfixed, as Darren’s gaze dropped to his lips.


And kiss, there's a thought so how 'bout this?

Let's pretend that both our lips are made of candy

After all we need sweets every now and then


At that line, Darren had the nerve to wink.


Don't you want the way I feel?

Don't you want the way I feel?

Don't you want the way I feel for you?


Chris could feel himself swaying on legs that suddenly didn’t seem to want to hold him up.


Well here we are two strangers in a very different place

Who knows what will happen to us next?


Darren glanced up at the storybook trees overhead, shrugging his shoulders.


Here we are with nothing but this little spark

It's too cold outside to lay this fire to rest


At this, Darren turned back toward Chris with a flirty grin.


Go, how so very apropos

A goodbye just as soon as I said hello

Well, all right, I'll see you later

It's true, it's just a fantasy for two

But what's the difference if it all could have been true?

I guess this is better


The teasing light in Darren’s gaze became much more earnest as he launched into the final chorus.


Don't you want the way I feel?

Don't you want the way I feel?

Don't you want the way I feel for you?

Oh, don't you want the way I feel?

Don't you want the way I feel?

Don't you want the way I feel for you?


In one smooth motion, Darren swung the guitar around to his back, and – looking Chris directly in the eyes – sang the last line a cappella.


Don't you want the way that I feel for you?


“Yes,” Chris breathed, “I do.”


The words were barely out of Chris’s mouth before Darren’s lips were on his, one hand at his jaw, the other around his waist, pulling their bodies tightly together.  Chris sighed into the kiss, feeling himself melting.  Tears sprang to his eyes, and he drew back slightly.


Cupping Darren’s cheeks, and giving him a searching look, Chris asked, “Is this real?”


Darren laughed, bright and open.  “Well, we’re standing in a forest outside Snow White’s palace, in a world that seems to be a mash-up between The Land of Stories and Glee, which certainly has all of the earmarks of a hallucination…  But you and me?  Us?  This is definitely real.”


Chris dove back in for another kiss, feeling as if his heart would burst.  He could feel Darren smiling against his lips, and soon they were both laughing.


“Can you believe we had to take relationship advice from Kurt and Blaine?” Chris gasped out, struck by the absurdity of the situation.


“Well, you know, I can be kind of oblivious sometimes.”


“Nooooo.  Really?” Chris snarked.


“Hey!  In my defense, I’ve known I love you for a long time – but I figured it was just ‘cause we’re such good friends.  And I’ve been attracted to you forever, but that seemed only natural, since you’re an attractive guy.  So it just took me awhile to put two and two together and realize they equaled I’m in love with Chris Colfer.”


Chris swallowed hard.  “You are?”


“Okay, now who’s being oblivious?” Darren teased.  Then his voice softened and he added, “Yes.  You’re my true love.  But you already knew that, right?  After all, the mirror never lies.”


“Wait – you thought Sue was talking to you?”


“Of course she was talking to me.  And she knew just what to say to get my tears for her spell.  I kept willing myself not to cry, but when you pulled your hands away from me, I just couldn’t help it.”


“Oh, Dare, honey, I thought she was talking to me.”


“God.  We’re both idiots, huh?”


“Yep.  C’mere, idiot,” Chris murmured, wrapping a hand around the back of Darren’s neck and pulling him in for another kiss.


This time it was Darren who broke away first.  “So, true love, huh?  You do realize that if we ever make it back home our fans are going to go batshit crazy, right?”


Chris sobered.  “Do you think you can handle that?”


Grinning, Darren swung his guitar back into position and launched into a song Chris had never heard before.


Baby I don't care

The what, when, how, or where

Folks may try to laugh and make a fuss

They'll try to make shit hard for us

But darling, I don't care


Darling, I don't mind

What they think they'll find

Of all the secrets they have told,

At least I've still got you to hold

So, darling I don't mind


Cause I'll be the one to hold you

When the nights are cold

And although I know I told you

I will tell you forevermore that


I don't give a damn

If they can't understand

Of all the things that we have learned

They're nothing far as I'm concerned

So I don't give a damn


Cause I'll be the one to hold you

When the nights are cold

And although I know I told you

I will tell you forevermore that


Babe, it ain't no thing

That viper venom sting

Cause even if it got your goat

I'd kiss you with the antidote


So babe, it ain't no thing

Darling, I don't care

Baby I don't, baby I don't mind…


Chapter End Notes:

At last, at last, at last!  Wow, it took a long time to get to this point.  This story is already several chapters longer than I’d planned, and apparently I still have one more left to write.  While you’re waiting for the conclusion, check out one of my favorite versions of “Don’t You”:   And, as a special bonus, here’s a CrissColfer version of Darren’s original “I Don’t Mind”:

Please review.  :D

P.S.  A million thanks to crisssquared and any of you other lovely folks who recommended this fic as the new Featured Story!  <3


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