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[Reviews - 13] Printer

It all begins when Chris decides to play a prank on the unsuspecting netizens of the CRISSCOLFER fandom with Darren none the wiser and it all snowballs into a huge riot… and a coming out? RPF. AU. Cross-posting from FFNet.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Humor, Multi-Chapter, Romance Characters: Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Mia Swier, Ryan Murphy, Will Sherrod
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No
Word count: 8050 Read: 2455
Published: May 15, 2014 Updated: May 15, 2014
Story Notes:

Warning: RPF, coarse language, real people being real people. Not for Chillarren shippers of any shape, size or form.


Disclaimer: The persons depicted in this work of fiction do not necessarily engage in the activities as stated. No copyright infringement intended. This story is running on pure imagination and Gatorade only. Tumblr accounts mentioned are all fictional, unless I managed to put in something that does exist, I apologize. It is but a nasty coincidence and not intentional at all.

1. PART 1 by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 13] (2784 words)


2. Part 2 by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 0] (3222 words)

Summary: In which, we see Darren's 'con-man' abilities come to play, Chris Colfer possibly having met his 'pranking' match, and oh, a surprise awaits you at the end.

Disclaimer: See Part 1.

Warnings: See Part 1. I guess I should add 'Desecration of the Noble Profession of Paparazzis' and 'A Guest Appearance by A Man We All Love To Hate.' ALSO: 'Writer got carried away by a Crazy Plot Bunny.'

P.S. This was written and finished 04/04/14. Re-written 04/05/14 to include mentions of that EPIC Broadway Quiz –because you CANNOT ignore that at all.ALSO, for clarification purposes, in this story, Chris and Darren do not know each other's Tumblr URLs. They know the other has it, but they haven't gotten around to actually sharing the knowledge of what they call themselves online for the sole reason that it wasn't seen as necessary.

3. Part 3 by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 0] (2044 words)

Summary: When shit hits the proverbial and literal fan/s. A.K.A. the day social media met the apocalypse.

Warning: See Parts 1 and 2. But then again, you're already here, so suck it up. And also, I may or may not hate Will Sherrod as much as I hate Lady Von Glitz. Just saying.

Disclaimer: I am currently involved in a nasty court battle to gain legal custody for Darren Criss. According to my lawyer it's only a matter of time before he becomes mine. Or so he says. Twitter handles and Tumblr URLS that resemble real ones are used in a purely fictional manner only. No insinuation is being made that the people owning them are engaged in the practices as stated below.

A/N: As you can probably guess(or not), this underwent A LOT of rewrites. I began drafting this exactly two weeks and five days ago –I would start with something, then something else catches my fancy –then I'd start it all over. That said, I apologize for keeping you waiting. Anyway, this PART consists mainly of SOCIAL Media Verse. If you want the plot of it, you have to wait for the next part (if it happens –see details on END NOTE).

P.S. I wish I had the actual photoset described in this story, but alas, my manip skills are severely lacking. But –BUT –if anyone wants to give it a try, PLEASE, by all means, make one. Then let me know so I can link your work to this story. My contact details are at the bottom. Thank you.

ALSO, this ignores the events occurring during and after the Taste of A Cure Gala (that Lea Michele Twitter Diarrhea comes to mind). There will be an explanation in the next part though… if we get to the next part.

Disclaimer: In no way are the works of this site claiming to be an accurate representation of any real persons. All stories featured on this site are fictional and are in no way affiliated with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, or any other recognizable persons. No copyright infringement is intended. No money is being made off of this site. All original plots are the property of the individual writers and plagiarism of individual works will not be tolerated. Authors and works featured on this site do not represent the views and opinions of the Administrators. It Could Happen 2011-2018 ( believing it could happen )