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 Darren believed in soulmates, forever and true love. So when Fate decides to take all of those away from him, he becomes an empty shell. Chris is your typical cynic. But when Chance gives him a way to change his destiny, he reluctantly grabs on to it and he is never the same again. A sassy angel-in-training becomes the (somewhat) unwilling bridge for these two to come together for a second chance. CRISSCOLFER. RPF. Pre-Season 1 and 2 AU. (cross-posting from FFNet)

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Angst, Character Death, Cotton Candy Fluff, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Multi-Chapter, Romance, UST Characters: Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Ryan Murphy, Starkids
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Completed: No
Word count: 34977 Read: 5359
Published: May 15, 2014 Updated: May 15, 2014
Story Notes:

Pairings: past Darren/OFC (briefly, back story, mentioned)slow-moving Darren/Chris (MAIN), same OFC/OMC (implied), others mentioned and implied.


Disclaimer: The persons depicted in this work of fiction do not necessarily engage in the conducts and practices as stated below. The author reserves her right to employ creative liberty in the course of writing this story, but no intention to infringe any copyright, personal liberties and the like of any real, or otherwise, character is made known. Any recognizable element belong to their respective owners and shall be acknowledged in due course. Any original character, song or the like belongs to the author and shall be subject to her personal copyright and the laws surrounding them in the locality where she originates from. OR: I do not own anything. Especially not Darren and Chris. OCs and original songs are mine. Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy and FOX. There.


Warning: Angst, Fluff, Songs. HP, AVPM and AVPS References. OC's. Mentions of Death and Dying, Supernatural Elements such as angels, purgatory, heaven and reincarnation will be encountered. Sudden tense changes are expected. Language. Eventual Slash. RPF. Some known facts were twisted to suit my needs. For this particular chapter: Brief Darren/OFC.

1. Take One by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 43] (4853 words)

A/N: Please be patient. This story is most definitely CRISSCOLFER. I do not multi-ship, but for the sake of my plot, please allow me this concession. Chris will make an appearance on the first chapter, which is where our story proper begins. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the back story. I hope you find time to leave me reviews as well –C.

P.S. Song mentioned: Circles –an original composition I wrote in college that I'm lending to the story.

Legend: "Dialogue/ Speech" 'Thoughts' Flashback Notes/Lyrics

2. Chapter 1: Reset by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 0] (5536 words)

Warnings: see Prologue; additional for this chapter: mentions of underage drinking, drunk driving and slight mention of homophobia in passing (nothing graphic).

A/N: Story proper begins now. As a reminder this is RPF AU, meaning, facts have been twisted to suit my needs. Case in point is Joey Richter's birthday. In real life he is younger than Darren, being born July 31 1989. In my verse he is in fact, older by a couple of years. The song mentioned in this chapter is 'Air' –another original I composed just a few months back. Pardon my indulgence of using my own work instead of more popular songs. I'd rather not get sued or banned from this site. And it also works better for the storyline, so… Anyway, thanks for those who have already added this to their alerts and left reviews. I hope you continue to enjoy. AND YES, THIS IS CRISSCOLFER. Please be patient. It begins soon enough. –C.

3. Chapter 2: Places by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 0] (4845 words)

You will find out that the concept of the Universe of Angels and Heaven* in this story is similar to that in my other story FALL (Klaine AU). If you want to have an idea of how I designed everything in detail, the mechanics of how I view afterlife and what-not, you may refer to that particular story. The plot of it however is in no way related to OTL, although I am aware that it could fit in the timeline somewhere. Also, the song mentioned in this chapter is called 'Hey Angel' –something I wrote a couple of years back. I do realize you have no idea of how my songs sound and I haven't got the time to actually record them and put them out on YouTube or something so I will give you an approximation of HOW they should sound (roughly) and feel.

PROLOGUE: Circles – Don't You by Darren Criss

Chapter 1: Air – Gemini by Spongecola

Chapter 2: Hey Angel – The Day You Said Goodnight by Hale

Note however, that these are only approximations. The songs do not follow the melody of the songs referred to. The ones listed here are the closest I could get to the over-all THEMATIC FEEL and rhythm of the ones I have composed. To remedy this issue in the future, I plan to put the original recorded ones out sometime soon –if anybody's interested, that is.

Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Van Beethoven belongs to him. Kindly try to listen to it if you're not familiar –one of my favorite works of his.


I understand that some hard-core CRISSCOLFER shippers may be offended by the mentions of Darren/OFC pairing, but I assure you, this is only a necessary 'EVIL'. Anything I write, I try to inject with a bit of something called Character Development, and in no way is this particular story different. Great love stories do not just materialize out of nowhere. Life experiences define us and how we react to certain situations and certain people. I assure you, Darren and Chelsea's back-story is NEEDED. After all, we will not get a TAKE TWO without a TAKE ONE, right? Darren needs to mature first before he can be the perfect soulmate for Chris and for that to happen, he has to be tempered by a tragedy. If you think Darren, as he is in real life, is a bit too happy-go-lucky for the serious Mr. Colfer, I share your sentiments –hence, this AU. This is not meant to change Mr. Criss, but give him more depth as a character. So no fretting. Chris will get his man soon enough, just trust me. And for those who'd learned to love my spunky Chelsea, worry not, I have plans for her and a certain blue-eyed cutie (wink, wink).

Legend: "Dialogue/ Speech" 'Thoughts' Flashback Notes/Lyrics

4. Chapter 3: Take Two by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 1] (5107 words)

A/N: Nothing special in my notes this time, except for my unwavering appreciation to those who continue to support this story. My eternal gratitude to each and every one of you. ACTUAL CRISSCOLFER BEGINS HERE. Enjoy –C.

5. Chapter 4: Rolling by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 0] (5011 words)

6. Chapter 5: Lights by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 0] (5228 words)

A/N: Am I making sense with this story? Let me know, okay?I really don't want to waste all of our time. Song is "I'm Here" –another original. Instead of wondering how the thing sounds like, go listen to Daylight by Maroon 5 –it's thematically the same.

P.S. Guys, if you happen to stumble upon this story HERE and would like to read it on another archiving site, let me know. I am willing to upload elsewhere if you think this story would fare better over there. I currently have this on FFNet, just because it has been what I've been using since time immemorial. PM me, or leave a review.

7. Chapter 6: Camera by eastwoodgirl [Reviews - 2] (4397 words)

/N: Song is Infinite Universe –original by yours truly. Or you can just listen to Passenger Seat by Stephen Speaks for the same thematic feel.

P.S. To anyone wondering, I think this story has about 3 or four more chapters to go, plus an epilogue. Also, I have GOOD NEWS. I have rewritten this story and switched the characters and some other details to come up with an original novel of the same title. I'm in the final stages of drafting it. Hopefully, I can finish the whole thing before fall and have it published. I am planning on doing the same to my Klaine Fic The Andersons of Westerville as well (the working title for the original version is The Sacrifice). It's just funny that I came up with the fanfiction version first before the original, but hey, my mind works that way, so… I'm beginning drafting this now as I write that fanfic along side by side. I'll be updating TAOW later this week by the way, for those who are following it. I'm just tweaking the chapter.

Disclaimer: In no way are the works of this site claiming to be an accurate representation of any real persons. All stories featured on this site are fictional and are in no way affiliated with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, or any other recognizable persons. No copyright infringement is intended. No money is being made off of this site. All original plots are the property of the individual writers and plagiarism of individual works will not be tolerated. Authors and works featured on this site do not represent the views and opinions of the Administrators. It Could Happen 2011-2018 ( believing it could happen )