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Both men have denied any role in replica handbags uk Agnese's disappearance and neither has yet been formally charged as is normal in Spain in the early stages of an investigation. Following the recovery of CCTV footage a criminal psychologist who had viewed images of Agnese's departure from Aqwa Mist concluded that her facial expressions showed that she was not leaving the club voluntarily. Meanwhile, a sweep of the boot of Capper's Mercedes retrieved a blonde hair. Initial tests failed to identify it as belonging to Agnese but further more sophisticated tests are expected. Then, last month, the police seized a yacht belonging to John Capper and took DNA samples that have been sent to hi-tech labs in Madrid for analysis. When the pair were questioned by a judge in a Marbella court last Monday they both asserted their constitutional right to silence. A source close to the case said: "The judge has indicated he will order fresh DNA tests which may involve the use of replica handbags Agnese's mum's DNA. He had important questions to ask the men and obviously would have preferred it if they had agreed to co-operate." But a report on the Spanish English-language news website Olive Press said that the court was not only shown pictures taken outside Aqwa Mist on the night in question but others showing the following night "three unidenti-fied men taking a large and heavy replica bag on to a boat". Reacting to Monday's court appearances, a spokesman for the Find Agnese Klavina campaign said in a Facebook post: "After seven months of mulberry replica waiting the secrecy of the case has finally been lifted by the Spanish authorities. "We have had yesterday the spectacle of two of the men being 'interrogated' at court by the judge. Westley Capper and Craig Porter were repeatedly asked to answer questions relating to the case. They refused, citing their constitutional right to remain silent. "Our Agnese has never been seen since she disappeared seven months ago. How can we still not have charges? We want justice for Agnese and all the other unfortunate missing people in Marbella. "If any one has any information about what happened that night please let the police know." Asked about how the company ensures that the products are authentic, Kapoor said: "Every category is managed by an expert. We know what the item looks like." Lack of fendi replica trust was one of the issues faced by the firm when it launched. "I think the early challenges were getting people to trust the website. I think being a new player, people want to check you," he said.

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Published: May 13, 2016 Updated: May 13, 2016

1. Chapter 1 by joeychen [Reviews - 13] (5 words)

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