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[Reviews - 40] starstarstarstarhalf-starPrinter

Four years after the final Glee seasons, and everyone is on with their own lives. Getting married, having kids and coming out? Not everything is a happy ending. 

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Angst, FutureFic, Multi-Chapter, Romance Characters: Amber Riley, Ashley Fink, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Grant Gustin, Lea Michele, Starkids
Series: None
Chapters: 15 Completed: Yes
Word count: 18341 Read: 31599
Published: June 08, 2012 Updated: September 16, 2012
Story Notes:

Most of what this story is about will be explained in the first chapter, but the main things are that Its four years after the final season of Glee, everyone has gone their seperate ways, but they all still kinda keep in touch, and certain people come out in this story, kay!

1. Prologue by MsGleekid [Reviews - 16] (424 words)

First Chapter, let me know what you are thinking after! 

2. What Dreams Are Made Of by MsGleekid [Reviews - 0] (1308 words)

Yay! New Chapter! You can thank the fact that it is summer, because that is the only way I got this up so soon! Enjoy! 

3. Dinner by MsGleekid [Reviews - 0] (1283 words)

Newest Chapter! I sat down to write this, and it just got really random. But worked out in the end! Enjoy!

4. Fighting by MsGleekid [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar (1414 words)

Chapter 4! Yay! Sorry for the wait, but i hope you enjoy! 

5. The Party by MsGleekid [Reviews - 2] (1216 words)

Chpater 5! I really wanted to get this one out because its been on my mind for awhile. Enjoy!

6. Lunch Date by MsGleekid [Reviews - 3] (1047 words)

Here is a new chapter. The next two are HUGE for this story, although in the future there will be bigger ones, but shhhh, you dont need to know that yet. Okay, Im gonna shut up and go, Enjoy! 

7. Interview by MsGleekid [Reviews - 0] (1407 words)

New Chapter! Yay. This is one of my favorites. Enjoy! 

8. Bachelor Party by MsGleekid [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1769 words)

Oh the plan's for his Bachelor party changed from the previews plans in past chapters, I just needed it to happen like this. Enjoy! 

9. Happy Birthday by MsGleekid [Reviews - 3] (1566 words)

Well that didnt take long at all, haha. I hope you enjoy! There is a little bit of Chris and Darren, but not as much as the next one! Enjoy! 

10. So Soon by MsGleekid [Reviews - 3] (1550 words)

Okay so for this one i recommend going and listening to two songs.

1) Mia and Darren sing "Down" together, listen its an amazing song, and they lyrics work so well for this chapter. 

2) So Soon, which the chapter is named after, is the song Darren sings to Chris. Its like the BEST song ever so I would definitely listen to it during or before the chapter. 

Okay thats it for now, Enjoy my dear readers. 

11. The Decision by MsGleekid [Reviews - 1] (1169 words)

Okay, this is sort of a filler chapter, but gets you all ready for the next Chapter, which is A HUGE one. Enjoy!

12. "I love you." by MsGleekid [Reviews - 2] (1517 words)

The title pretty much says it all. Enjoy? Cry? Yell? Or dont, you know, whatever...

13. The Wedding Day by MsGleekid [Reviews - 2] (1151 words)

This chapter is sort of choppy but eh, i still like it. Enjoy!  

14. Confessions by MsGleekid [Reviews - 0] (1052 words)

New Chapter! Sorry it took a little bit, but its finally here! This is second to last. The next one is the epilogue. Enjoy this my dear readers.

15. Epilogue by MsGleekid [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (468 words)

Okay guys, here is the last chapter, I kept it short and sweet. Enjoy! 

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