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Skin Change
[Reviews - 19] starstarstarstarhalf-starPrinter

President Darren Criss can't fight his attraction to one of his very attractive Cabinet members...

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Drama, Humor, Multi-Chapter, Romance Characters: Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Darren Criss Family Member, Starkids
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: No
Word count: 4949 Read: 4841
Published: July 04, 2013 Updated: October 07, 2013

1. Chapter 1-Where It Began by Kiki Warbler [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1210 words)

A/N: The things my brain comes up with…especially late at night. Lmao. It’s July 4th, 2013. I’m wide awake in Delaware…and I was texting my friend Emily. Making her laugh like I always do…and then his happened. So, Emily…this is all ours. I hope I can do it justice, for sure. I’m taking so many creative liberties here…so…hush. Bonus points to those who can figure out the song that the chapter titles are from!

2. Chapter 2-I Can't Begin To Know When by Kiki Warbler [Reviews - 1] (1106 words)

A/N: Let’s just dive into it then, shall we? Introducing Chris now…lol. Loving it!

3. Chapter 3-But Then I Know It's Going Strong by Kiki Warbler [Reviews - 1] (1313 words)

A/N: Thanks to the one reviewer who actually likes this fic! This is actually a pretty fun fic to write. Here we go with the Darren inner monologue and such. This is gonna be fun. I actually can’t wait for you guys to read this. Song used is 'Amanda' by Boston.

4. Chapter 4-Was In The Spring by Kiki Warbler [Reviews - 3] (1320 words)

A/N: Hi guys! So, I’m trying with these updates, you know. Lol. So if you’re a bit impatient, I’m sorry. Life gets in the way sometimes, you know. I’m moving, so in between working and packing and cleaning, it’s just…ugh. Anyway…. Here we go! It picks up right where the last one left off!

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