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Penname: klaine-music-love [Contact] Real name: Sula
Member Since: February 28, 2014
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Hey peeps!

A bit of info: I am British, female and a major fangirl. I am a musician (I play violin, flute and I sing) and I am still at school!

I love writing, I am writing a book-y thing at the moment, but I love reading more. I am obsessed with glee, KLAINE, starkid, crisscolfer, darren criss, chris colfer, and I am a major harry potter fan. I am not very good at writing fanfiction, I just enjoy reading it! :)

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Series by klaine-music-love


Chris’ alarm blared loudly; announcing it was time to go to work. Ugh. It was too early to be getting out of bed. After a quick shower, and a glance over today’s script, Chris was in the car. He was just finishing the blueberry muffin he had grabbed as he went out the door, when he pulled into his spot at the studios. It looked like everyone else was already here. Chris jumped out the car and sprinted to the set, where Ryan and the cast were waiting. Ryan sighed as Chris plonked himself in his chair next to Darren, before shooting Ryan a look of apology.


“Ok, well now that everyone is here…” Ryan glared at Chris, “We can discuss today’s scenes. Chris, are you in agreement to Kurt’s lines and, Uh-hum, actions?” Asked Ryan curiously. Chris panicked. He hadn’t read the script! He’d just glanced it over! All he knew was Kurt was still at Dalton!


“Oh, Um, Yeah..” said Chris, “They’re Good, Can’t wait…” Chris turned to look at Darren for help, but he seemed to be overjoyed at what Chris had just said. Which made no sense at all.




Ten minutes later Chris and Darren were headed for the Dalton set, after Ryan had been lecturing the cast on maturity etc etc… Darren was still very bouncy. Chris was getting really pissed off. After another couple of minutes he turned and glared at Darren. “Darren, will you please stop bouncing around like an excited puppy for one minute,” Darren no longer looked like an excited puppy. He looked like he had been told all traces of Disney had vanished off the face of the planet. Chris felt guilty. “Sorry Dare, Its just, I didn’t get much sleep, and I never actually read the script, I just glanced it over, and I only had a blueberry muffin for breakfast, no coffee, so I am very grouchy.” He scowled. Darren no longer looked hurt. Instead he look, scared? “Wait,” Darren said, “You don’t know what Ryan has planned for Kurt and Blaine today?” Chris’ face turned to worry. Darren had no idea how to start. “Well, um… Well, I kinda have to kiss you today. Or even, I have to kiss Kurt, no, Blaine has to kiss Kurt.” He mumbled. Chris was shocked. He had to kiss Darren. Darren with his adorable smile, his cute mumbling, his amazing energy, his beautiful voice. Darren who was his best friend, and Darren who was straight. Chris knew Darren didn’t believe in labels and what-not but either way Darren was straight, and he was talking to Chris! Shit! He hadn’t been paying attention at all… “Sorry what was that Dare? I kinda blanked,” Darren turned to face Chris, “Were you listening at all?” Darren asked, looking right into Chris’ eyes with his beautiful ones. Chris looked at the floor. “No, Not really, Sorry Darren. I’m just thinking. And I’m nervous.” He kinda mumbled the last bit, but Darren just heard. “You’re nervous? What for Chris? It’s just me! I mean, you are a golden globe actor! It’s easy,” Darren comforted, “Look,” and with that he leant in and pressed a soft kiss to Chris’ cheek. Darren smiled. Chris was blushing. Darren felt a strange sense of achievement. He had done that! Chris looked shyly up at Darren. “But Dare there’ll be cameras and tonnes of other people. And methinks it will be a bit more intimate than just a brush to the cheek.” Darren smiled again. “It’ll be fine.” He whispered, “Anyway,” He said, his tone normal again, “As I was saying; why don’t you come round tonight and we can watch some Disney? Save stuff being awkward y’know?” Chris grinned and nodded enthusiastically. “That would be lovely.”

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